Client testimonials

Western Tiger, particularly Damien Kelly, has significant experience, loyalty and long history of fine service putting our needs first. Its experience and resourcefulness ensures optimal outcomes at the lowest cost.

Western Tiger were our corporate advisers in relation to a proposed integrated power, semi coke and ferronickel complex in Java, Indonesia, including setting us up for a full review of feasibility studies to Australian standards, but without the cost tag that typically comes with such preparations and outcomes when using investment banks and large technical advisers. We continue to seek Western Tigers advice and guidance.

Loyal, experienced, resourceful and fast. Damien Kelly tirelessly prepared Sandfire for its IPO in record time – less than three weeks - without shortcuts.

Western Tiger went where others feared to tread – advising and assisting us to raise funds and list on ASX during the difficult aftermath of the GFC. We have since raised more than $20 million with the help, advice and assistance of Western Tiger. I value trust, loyalty, and an advisor who puts the needs and objectives of the client above their own. Honest advice, to the point and not necessarily telling me what I want to hear, is valuably received, and has inevitably saved significant time, hassles and cost at later stages.

We have found Western Tiger skillful, flexible and capable – executing transactions to minimise our costs and maximise our benefits. Damien Kelly and Western Tiger have been at our side for more than 10 years now, through thick and thin sharing their knowledge, experience and getting the job done.

Two major rights issues raising over $5 million in 2015, detailed due diligence, and preparations for a potential IPO – Damien Kelly played a key role, was incredibly thorough, and greatly minimised our overall costs.

Innovative solutions and resourceful transaction services. Damien also took over the company secretary role and gladly mentored and trained up our internal CFO to gradually take over the company secretarial role over time.

Thorough and hardworking with a methodical professional approach. Outcomes oriented so not afraid to do things differently to suit the circumstances. Goes back to source law, regulations and rules to identify what needs to be done or avoided rather than slavishly following what others have (frequently unthinkingly) done.

Our company was the target of a successful $80 million friendly takeover bid by Barrick – Damien Kelly’s sharp, thorough knowledge and service was a key ingredient in this success, which was completed in a matter of weeks – without expensive investment banker involvement.

Damien Kelly has a very strong grasp of ASX listing rules, the Corporations Act, corporate governance, legal frameworks and company secretarial requirements. He knows how to navigate the complexities of a corporate environment with skillful and pragmatic solutions, covering off on risks and angles that others fail to recognise.

Western Tiger led a pragmatic, detailed review and gap analysis of our information security and confidentially protections – professional and cost effective. The team at Western Tiger exceeded expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.